Business Starter

Our Business Starter I.T Support package is just what a new business that relies on I.T needs. It's low cost, fixed I.T spend, simple to set up and very cost effective. This option is targeted and focused on the Desktop or Laptop user.

100% of our clients trust us to manage their IT systems for them. They give us the scope to run system diagnostics as and when required, manage user account requests, replace faulty or near-end-of life equipment and install updates and fixes, all with an agreed approval\authorisation process in-place so they know what is happening and can keep track of budgets. Some of our clients are happy to be kept up to date with weekly or monthly system reports, while others prefer regular face-to-face or telephone updates. We're confident we have a solution for you too.


Below is What's Included in the Starter Pack:

  • Unlimited Online Remote Desktop Technical Support
  • Unlimited Online Remote Desktop Email Support
  • Unlimited Online Remote Desktop Hardware Diagnostic Checks
  • Unlimited Online Remote Desktop Peripheral Set up for Printers, On-Board Fax Devices, Scanners and Cameras
  • Basic Level Server Support
  • Support Hourly Rate $110