IT Services

100% of our clients trust us to manage their IT systems for them. They give us the scope to run system diagnostics as and when required, manage user account requests, replace faulty or near-end-of life equipment and install updates and fixes, all with an agreed approval\authorisation process in-place so they know what is happening and can keep track of budgets. Some of our clients are happy to be kept up to date with weekly or monthly system reports, while others prefer regular face-to-face or telephone updates. We're confident we have a solution for you too.

Everyone needs some level of IT support especially for those crazy moments when things just stop working properly, you think you've lost valuable work or perhaps you've just bought some new equipment that doesn't seem to work the way they said it would. Solution you could call on a friend and whenever they get there- they get there! Or you can pick up to phone and get immediate help from one of our support technicians – real people with real world experience who can most likely fix the problem in a short time for less than you think. IT Support ought to achieve a number of simple objectives:

Get you back up and running

Suggest better ways of doing things

Prevent problems from re-occurring

The essence of IT Support should be to establish a trusted relationship that you feel comfortable with allowing us to take the burden of such issues away from you. Good IT Support fixes problems, Great IT Support proactively monitors your environment dealing with potential issues before they happen, relieving you of the day-to-day troubleshooting and solution management.

Our Services:

  • Desktop support
  • Onsite support and services
  • Remote support
  • Systems administration
  • Back-up service
  • VoiP Management
  • Server Monitoring and Support
  • Office 365
  • New hardware deployments
  • Network support and deployments